Personal Assistance

Assist – Life Stage, Transition

Life stages and transition assistance.  Reinforcing the individuals’ abilities by way of Support Coordination and encouraging participation within the community.

Interpreting and Translating

Individuals whose first language is one other than English may require assistance in accessing translating and interpreting services.  Having important information about their plan communicated to the individual allows for effective support implementation.

Personal Care

Includes assistance with and/or supervision of personal tasks such as bathing.  Personal care services can be provided in a range of settings, including the individual’s own home.  Care for those with high or complex needs will be tailored by ensuring workers with appropriate qualifications and experience are appointed to the role.

Assist Personal Activities

A personalised service for adults and children, assisting individuals with daily activities specific to their needs and requirements.

Assist Access/Maintain Employ

Provides the individual with assistance in securing and maintaining employment.  Includes workplace related assessment and counselling, specialised and supported employment assistance and employment preparedness training and support.

Assist- Travel/Transport

Travel and transport assistance, allowing the individual to maintain links within their community and maintain their independence in terms of work or education, where other means of transport are not suitable or accessible.

Personal Activities – High

Day-to-day personal and/or high care assistance by a live-in or home-based care provider.